‘As the world struggles with increasing threats to sustainability caused by population growth, overuse of fresh water resources, depletion of biodiversity, reliance on non renewable energy sources, rising prices of food and climate disruptions, there is an urgent need for a plan for the Planet. Everyone would benefit from reading his book.’ William. N. Ryerson, President, Population Media Centre and Population Institute, USA.

Plan for the Planet ‘… deserves attention because the arguments are supported by clearly identifiable data … it is a book worth buying and a book worth keeping.
‘ Dr Peter Starbuck (Amazon.co.uk)

‘Plan for the Planet contains a wealth of information about the current state of play globally and provides excellent advice on what strategies to adopt, not only for business but for communities, individuals and government … This is a very worthy book and deserves a wide audience. Its message is excellent.’ Jenny Goldie in Sustainable Population Australia.

‘Plan for the Planet is argued with passion and expertise and in a way that every rreader will be able to apply. I recommend it.’ Christophe Linder, Associate Pastor, St James Church, Gerrards Cross and Fulmer, UK

Plan for the Planet ‘guides you through what you can do, and what your organisation and nation can do to achieve global sustainability by 2100. We need to start. It can’t wait. If you want to know what to do about it, you should read this book. Patricia Lustig, Managing Diretor. LASA Development UK Ltd, Change Design Specialists

‘A long term plan is as important as good design. Both are essential tools for our sustainable future. Plan for the Planet provides this and more.’ Greg Campbell_DesignOz / Convenor, Society for Responsible Design

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